Why does ISIT propose this approach?

The Institute for Sustainable IT (ISIT) wishes to facilitate the search for qualified profiles in the field of sustainable IT for organisations wishing to be supported in their sustainable IT approach.

By proposing this directory, the ISIT wishes to encourage the development of ISIT service offers and stimulate the demand for such services, so that Sustainable IT is no longer an accessory role and becomes an integral part of any organisation, as are the other specialisations in the digital professions. By helping Sustainable IT experts to put forward their knowledge and experience in the various Sustainable IT fields, the aim is to create a link between these experts and organisations that are keen to engage in a Sustainable IT approach.

How will the directory of experts evolve in the future?

The directory of Sustainable IT experts is presented in beta version. The ISIT is testing the format of the directory and hopes to develop it further with all the feedback it will receive over the coming months.

Moreover, the ISIT, aware of the importance of sustainable design of digital services, particularly through eco-design and accessibility, wishes to do its utmost to optimise its services. This website is in beta version and will soon be optimised to be eco-designed and fully accessible.

Who can apply ?

A first call, made to a restricted circle of actors, in particular the members of the ISIT and the consultants of the Sustainable IT Label, made it possible to identify 30 initial profiles. The challenge was to test the application and evaluation methods and validate their relevance with a first circle of actors that we could call upon to provide their feedback.

In the context of the beta version of the directory, a second call for applications will be made shortly.

How does the application process work?

The European ISIT network, led by ISIT Switzerland in the framework of this project, has defined a process to validate the profile of each candidate and to determine their eligibility for inclusion in the Sustainable IT Experts Directory.

The evaluation of the application is based on objective criteria.

The application process is divided as follows:

  1. Application via the form presented on this site (link “Apply” in the main menu). The form is composed of purely factual elements on the training and professional experience, and additional elements (letter of motivation, video, etc.) allowing a decision to be made on a profile when the level required to appear in the directory is potentially too low or when there is a gap between two levels.
  2. A census of the documents and information provided, and semi-automatic evaluation via an evaluation grid allowing a pre-assignment of recognition levels. The grid gives an initial assessment of the level potentially achievable by the candidate. The fields of the evaluation grid correspond to the purely factual elements requested on the training courses followed and the professional experience.
  3. Meeting of the Jury, which meets approximately once a quarter:
    1. Overall review of the files to check the consistency of the pre-awards.
    2. Specific review of the files of candidates eligible for the “Gold” level by the Jury.

About the gold level

Based on the result provided by the semi-automated grid and the manual review of the results produced by the grid, and accepting a 5% margin of error, each application whose result is in ballot towards the Gold level is audited by an independent jury composed of Sustainable IT experts. The aim is to determine as accurately as possible which profiles can claim this level of excellence.

What are the 3 levels (bronze, silver, gold)?

The European ISIT network has defined 3 levels of recognition: Bronze, Silver & Gold.

The Bronze level aims to recognise profiles that have acquired skills in IT sustainability and have developed the ability to support organisations. The challenge here is to facilitate access to the directory for people who have not yet acquired solid experience but who have developed strong expertise, particularly through the training they have received.

The Silver level values profiles that have acquired skills and experience in terms of supporting organisations in their IT Sustainability approach.

The Gold level values profiles that have acquired skills and have several significant experiences in terms of supporting organisations in their IT Sustainability approach.

Why is the directory moving towards a pay-per-application model?

The application process described above involves mobilising human resources within the ISIT to process these applications, check them, rank them, integrate them into the evaluation grid and then submit them to the jury.

The challenge is to establish the most objective means of evaluating applicants and not to automate the processing of applications. The ISIT network wishes to facilitate the link with the candidates in order to answer any questions, to avoid any error in the processing of applications and to be able to contact the candidate if there is a need for additional information on his/her application.

What are the limitations of the published directory?

INR France, ISIT Belgium and INR Switzerland (ISIT Europe) cannot guarantee the quality of the services provided by the Sustainable IT experts listed in the directory. The services provided and their quality are the sole responsibility of the Sustainable IT expert.

The contract between an Sustainable IT expert listed in the directory and an organisation is totally independent of ISIT Europe and does not commit ISIT Europe in any way.

The application documents studied in order to determine 1) whether the candidate can appear in the Directory of Sustainable IT experts and 2) the level of recognition (bronze, silver, gold) are the sole production of the candidates and are studied by ISIT Europe on the basis of the bona fides of these documents produced without any further verification with third parties.

How to contact us

If you have any suggestions or questions about the Sustainable IT Experts Directory, please contact us at experts [@] isit-europe.org.