Benjamin Ninassi

Benjamin Ninassi



Benjamin holds an engineering degree in modeling and scientific computing. He has built up a solid operational expertise in sustainable design of digital services. As a research engineer for more than fifteen years at INRIA, he held various positions of technical expertise, supervision and project management within the IT department and then within the Scientific Department of the institute. He has actively contributed to several projects with strong societal impacts (Fun MOOCClass’Code, the Mooc about Environmental impacts of digital technologies, etc.). He also held a manager position within the “Sustainability & Technology” team of Accenture Technology France.

As a contributor to the Institute for Sustainable IT (notably to the GR491), Ecoinfo (notably to the eco-design brochure), minum_eco (notably to the RGESN and the Responsible Digital Practice Guide for Organizations), and a former contributor to the Green Software Foundation and the European Green Digital Coalition, he is an active participant in the French and international sustainable IT Ecosystem.

He is currently deputy head of the ICT and Environment Program at INRIA.

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