Céline Ferre

Céline Ferre



A graduate of a business school Celine used to work as an Account Manager for major international IT software and consulting companies for more than 25 years. In 2016 she decided to pass a master degree in sustainable development at Paris-Dauphine University where she met with Bela Loto Hiffler, her current associate.

They both co-founded Point de M.I.R, a non profit organization and M.I.R Conseil & Formation a training company, which objective is to raise awareness on environmental and social impacts of IT.

Celine works today as an expert teacher on this topic with public, private companies, schools, high schools and universities.

Celine get Green IT and eco-design certifications from the Institut for Sustainable IT and ISO 26000 from PECB.

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  • Company Pedagogy
  • School Pedagogy

Expertise areas

  • Server IT
  • Printing IT
  • Office IT
  • Datacenter IT
  • Cloud Service IT
  • Security IT
  • Network IT
  • Hosting
  • AI
  • Sustainable design
  • Accessibility
  • Ethics
  • Usages