Frédéric Spindler

Frédéric Spindler



For more than 25 years, I have been working as a consultant and trainer in the digital sector for companies and communities.

My interest in uses and issues rather than technologies has always led me to approach projects from the angle of strategic vision and added value for my clients.

The strategy of an organization cannot ignore the requirements and constraints of its environment, in all its dimensions.

Moving from a computerization strategy to a digitalization strategy requires more than ever for an organization to integrate the evolutions of its environment, whether it is competitive, regulatory, economic, ecological or social.

Involved for several years in the digital ecosystem in Alsace and the Grand Est, as a service provider, and for some time as president of Rhénatic (cluster of Alsatian digital companies) and more recently as NR referent for Numeum Grand Est, Administrator of Numeric’Emploi Grand Est and finally as Vice-President delegated to the digital transformation of companies for the CCI Alsace Eurométropole, the stakes of CSR and the consideration of digital, in its positive as well as its negative impacts, could not leave me indifferent.

As early as 2007, I intervened on the environmental impact of digital technology in its professional use with local business clubs, at that time more under the IT for green angle.

Today I am one of the promoters of PlanetTechCare in the East of France and I am at the origin of the signature of the charter by many actors established in the East of France, whether they are companies, digital actors, training organizations or institutions.

I have decided to systematically integrate the Digital Responsibility dimension into the digitalization support missions carried out by PROMOVEO’s consultants. Whether it’s a digital maturity diagnosis or missions concerning company strategy, innovation and the design of new offers, or the organization and challenges of digitalization, the Responsible Digital dimension has its place.

Let’s consider this “constraint” as an opportunity for innovation and value creation.

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