Marcel Villanueva

Marcel Villanueva



Sustainability consultant | Green ICT & Digital Transformation

After obtaining his Erasmus Mundus International Masters in Pervasive Commuting & Communication for Sustainable Development from France, Finland, and Sweden, Marcel Villanueva worked for Orange (formerly France Télécom) as a research project manager at the Eco-design and Circular Economy team.

While there, he focused on topics related to developing methodologies to evaluate the environmental impacts of digital services, circularity indicators for network equipment, and climate risk assessment within the telecommunications sector.

Currently, Marcel works as a sustainability consultant & life cycle assessment (LCA) expert at Quantis, an international consulting firm that aims to accompany industry leaders on their sustainability journey.

He works primarily with actors within the Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) sector, providing insights from product and corporate footprint, developing eco-design tools, and proposing impact reduction levers based on quantitative studies and qualitative workshops.

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Expertise areas

  • Server IT
  • Datacenter IT
  • Cloud Service IT
  • Network IT
  • Sustainable design