Natalie Lange

Natalie Lange



After working for more than 20 years in finance, marketing and disability, I created my own CSR and Responsible Digital consulting and auditing company: EthicRSE.

I accompany my clients with benevolence, honesty and creativity to:

help them structure their CSR and Digital Responsibility policy

Ask the right questions and not forget anything

Identify areas for improvement that are jointly developed

EthicRSE has carried out over a hundred missions, including Responsible Digital: EDF SA, La Poste, Isia (1st company to be awarded the NR label), Wonderful, Rzilient, BNP BivWak !VR Conseils… CSR: Ethypharm (1st international company to be awarded the Lucie label), Caisse Régionale Crédit Agricole Anjou Maine, Outscale (French cloud leader)…

My +:

  • Combining CSR and digital responsibility
  • To help you structure and deploy CSR and RD with relevant tools adapted to your size and sector of activity.
  • Help you to go further
  • Know the exact methodology of the audit
  • Know the expectations of many clients in different sectors (stakeholder consultation is an imperative in the audit process)

My wish: to help you to have more impact.

Training: Lucie 26000 / B Leader B Corp / CSR Assessment Goodwill Management / Sciences Po / Essec Responsible Purchasing.

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