Simon Cardon

Simon Cardon



Founder of Green Web, sustainable digital consulting and creation of sustainable digital solutions (Sustainable digital Consulting, Dynamic Carbon Measurement, eco-design, Green hosting), and of Digital Forest, French web hosting solution, ethical and low-carbon.

From dynamic carbon impact measurement (in real time), to alternative digital tools (collaborative, cloud, project management, etc.) sovereign and low-carbon, I support, as a consultant, companies and Cities in their transition to sustainable, sovereign and virtuous digital thanks to a 360 vision and holistic expertise in sustainable digital.

Type of services:

  • Conference, Workshop, Teaching (Awareness raising and animation of the business project)
  • Dynamic carbon impact measurement (in real time)
  • NR maturity analysis
  • Development of a sustainable digital strategy and action plan
  • Project management and monitoring
  • Support towards the Responsible Digital Label
  • Companies – Colleges – Cities – throughout France.
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  • Company Pedagogy
  • School Pedagogy

Expertise areas

  • Server IT
  • Office IT
  • Datacenter IT
  • Cloud Service IT
  • Hosting
  • Sustainable design
  • Data protection
  • Ethics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Usages