Steve Tumson

Steve Tumson



Steve’s initial training as a mechatronics engineer reflects his curiosity and his desire to understand and solve complex systems.

His various activities as a consultant, trainer, coach, speaker and teacher demonstrate a real passion for sharing knowledge and supporting change management.

Committed and at the forefront of societal issues, Steve is also co-founder of the AlterNumeris group (reflection/action on the challenges of the digital society), co-president of EFDD NPO (educating and training for sustainable development) and co-president of AILouvain (network of 10,000 alumni graduates of the Louvain School of Engineering).

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  • Company Pedagogy
  • School Pedagogy

Expertise areas

  • Server IT
  • Printing IT
  • Office IT
  • Datacenter IT
  • Cloud Service IT
  • IoT / Home automation
  • Hosting
  • Sustainable design
  • Accessibility
  • Usages